Susan’s Diary / Martin’s Chronicles is an exciting and intriguing double series set to premiere on Vumi Central. This two in one series delves deep into relationships, love, lust and the drama in between. It explores the male and female perspective into varied aspects of a relationship. This means that you will have to watch Episode 1 of Susan’s Diary, followed by Episode 1 of Martin’s Chronicles to get the flow of the story. Now that’s different, right?!

“What goes on in the minds of two people in a relationship? ” the series Creator and Director, Winnie Adisa, once asked herself while in a relationship that had her floating in the stars. While she was blissfully happy and planning the wedding, he was feeling stifled and unhappy. “How could two people supposedly so in love, be in such different headspaces?” she wondered. This background is what inspired Susan’s Diary and Martin’s Chronicles.

Susan thought that she had come across the perfect match when she met Martin but after he betrays her, she decides that she is going to control her destiny where relationships are concerned. On the other hand, Martin is disillusioned in his relationship with Kate and seeks for some excitement with Susan, but then quickly realizes that this might complicate his already tense relationship with Kate.

The double treat stars, Justin Miriichi, Victoria Gichora, Amalie Chopetta, Micheal Ndunda & Brian Gatimu. Produced by Leila Namwezi, alongside a team of creatives including the Director Of Photography, David ‘Skubi’ Sikobe, Created and Directed by Winnie Adisa.

This will be Kenya’s first series on Vumi Central, setting the stage and paving way for more. It premieres on  VUMI  on 1st October 2020. Check out the trailer and be the first to catch it on Vumi Central!

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