Ever been Lost, alone and afraid? Have that feeling that everyone is against you? Ganging up against you? That feeling that the ground you trust is falling off and can’t hold you? Your belief and support systems stop making sense? Then, Lost In Time is highly recommended. The feature film is directed by Peter Kawa and written/produced by Edijoe Mwaniki.



Sam, played by seasoned actor George Mo, is constantly dreaming of the day he almost lost his then 6 year old daughter at his late mother’s memorial in his father’s home. He fights to forget that memory, living a life of paranoia as he seeks to protect her. He wants what is best for his family and after the death of his father; he can now move back to Nairobi with his wife Judy and daughter Sifa.


Sam has a friend in Michael who willingly let out his SQ to him as he offers him a partnership in his firm and is willing to help him establish himself. He soon realizes that there is a strange activity going on at Michael’s house and his inquisitive nature, disappearance of his daughter and the weird Dr. Lillian Kareithi, wife to Michael, pushes him to breaking into the house to get to the bottom of it all.


Are you ready for this psychological thriller and engulfing in Sam’s rollercoaster of emotions?  Grab your tickets on MOOKH.COM. The premiere night is 24th October 2019 at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza 2 – Nairobi.


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