Brian Ogola is Lusala. And he is so solid, seasoned if you may, thank you very much.

Brian Ogola is introduced at the premiere of ‘Lusala’

If this is the first thing we need to grab your attention, then…be our guest. Brian is one of Kenya’s fastest rising actors with his professional acting career going way back to 2012, when he played the lead, Abel, on ‘Jane and Abel’ produced by Dorothy Ghettuba. His most recent works include the award winning short film ‘Poacher’ and AMVCA 2018 Best Overall Movie in Africa ‘18 Hours’.

‘Lusala’ Director Mugambi Nthiga with Stycie Waweru

Mugambi Nthiga’s first feature film Lusala made its world premiere on 6th June in Nairobi-Kenya, at the ongoing 3rd edition of the NBO Film Fest.

Filled with a powerful selection of actors including Mkamzee Mwatela, Alan Oyugi, Alyce Wangari, ‘Supa Modo’ Stycie Waweru, Gitura Kamau among many others;  Lusala tells the story of a 22 year old young man, who lives with his affluent adoptive family.

Mkamzee Mwatela who plays Aunt Beatrice

Going by the infamous phrase ‘utahama lini?’…he is now forced to  leave his adoptive family and face life on his own. He moves to a much lower class neighborhood where he continues working at a local garage. Lusala has his personal struggles and a past that catches up with him, a past that haunts him. Does he overcome?

“I am drawn to this type of story because it shows the duality of humanity; the co-existence of two selves: an inauthentic self, constructed by us so we can get by and fit in, and our real self, the imperfect and guileless, yet necessary person that enables the full experience of being human,” says the film director Mugambi Nthiga.

Courtesy: Lusala Film

This is where you grab your phone and buy tickets on MOOKH to catch ‘Lusala’ this Friday 14th June at Prestige Cinema and the major cinema run that starts on 21st June. The film will also be available on a soon to be launched Video On Demand (VOD) platform.

Watch the trailer.

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