The African Channel’s production arm, TAC, a United States based channel has partnered with production companies in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, to co-produce four exciting series.



Basing on its purpose to grow talent, invest in quality and nurture excellence in media production, TAC is excited to announce these new partnerships and productions from across Africa adding  to its already extensive and diverse slate of Africa-influenced content.


The four productions are namely:

The Yard: A drama series set in the world of the hip-hop scene in Nairobi. The series tells the story of Dash, a struggling hip hop artist trying to make it big in Nairobi’s rap scene. It is a co-production with Currency MEDIA in Kenya.

Watch the trailer HERE


May’s Kitchen: a cooking show featuring the talented celebrity chef, May Yocoubi who tantalizes our taste buds with her take on North African and Arab Gulf cuisine. The series is created in partnership with Filmedia in Egypt.

Watch the trailer HERE


Second Husband: The series follows a successful Nigerian businesswoman who exacts revenge on her cheating husband by seeking a second spouse and turning an age-old marriage law and her household upside down. This series is a co-production with Biola Alabi Media in Nigeria.


My Design Rules: The series is a competition reality series in the world of real estate design. It is set to inspire and entertain as three interior design duos, made up of the top emerging creative talent from the Southern tip of Africa, compete to transform three empty white-box spaces into designer dream homes, one room at a time. The series is created in partnership with Cardova Productions, in South Africa.  

Watch the trailer HERE



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