Filmmaker, Writer and Director Jennifer Gatero is back again! Following ‘This Is Life’ series, produced by her company, Avant Films in 2018, she is back again with the web series, ‘Best Friends Forever’. Folks, put some respect on it!



Best Friends Forever (BFF) features a stellar cast of four, namely, Brenda Wairimu who plays Edna, Martin Githinji who plays Alex, Kim Thiru Mungai playing Chris and Victoria Gichora as Rita. The film is shot in 4K Ultra HD, no quality compromised at all and each episode runs for between 8-11 minutes only! Short and Sweet, aye?



BFF is a web series that tells the story of a childhood friendship between Chris and Rita that sees nor respects any boundaries whatsoever. Their strong tie of friendship threatens their current personal relationships over and over again. The elephant in the room is, can a man and woman really be platonic friends, no strings attached, just honoring old childhood friendships?


No more spilling the proverbial  beans…catch the series HERE on YouTube for free! No excuse!



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