Lwanda Magere’s story is not new to many, it is probably the most celebrated in Kenya’s cultural history of stories.

The “Lwanda Magere” play dubbed “Lwanda Rockman” is the 3rd professional installment written by John “JJ” Jumbi, following the successes of “Makofi Ya Kilo” in 2015 and “Bei Ya Jioni” in 2015 and 2017 respectively.



After a thrilling victory in the battlefield, the ferocious Lwanda Magere cements his place as the greatest warrior who has ever lived. However, what seemed a concluded victory transforms into a renewed battle of wit.

Chichi, his cunning, beautiful new wife and Konte, his bitter adversary are on a mission to rid Lwanda of his eminent status and bring honor back to their people. Along the way Chichi finds herself having to choose between love for her husband and the cries of her long suffering people.



In the wake of his greatest conquests in the battlefield, the triumphant Lwanda Magere must face his biggest challenge yet when he has to choose between protecting his nation against its fiercest enemy and fighting for the love of his life.

The project features a special selection of Cast and Crew comprising over 60 professionals from several different fields. This includes Kenya’s top Afro Jazz band Shamsi Music, the amazing Jims & Dims Dance Crew and the vocal ensemble that is Spellcast Media.

In addition there are comic illustrations of Anthony Claessen, to the remarkable characterization photography of Emmanuel Thuo and Osborne Macharia, costume design by Kevo Abbra and Siteiya Warui.

The play will be running from 14th to 23rd June 2019 at The Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi – Kenya. Starting with an audience of 800 people, and having doubled every staging, this year the organizers look forward to hosting 3000 people. Let’s buy tickets then, shall we? Get yours HERE!

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