There is a new Swahili soap opera in town! Well, over the past year we have had some of the best Tv telenovelas premiere on our screens from Maza to Selina and now the much awaited telenovela PETE, finally made its debut on the screens this January. It is quite impressive that Kenyan production more so in terms of the Tv Series has made a tremendous transformation. Not only in terms of the story and the production quality but also in terms of creativity. Indeed, there is growth in the film industry in Kenya an aspect that is putting Kenyan film on the global market.

Well, without further ado let’s look into PETE the latest and one of a kind Kenyan soap opera. PETE tells a story of enmity, hate and revenge which threatens to ruin the bond of brotherhood through the quest of fighting for leadership. As one of the brothers sets to pursue the throne the other pursues his love interest as well. It is an intriguing tale and judging from the first episode it is a tale you wouldn’t want to miss.

The  main cast of the telenovela are Mutran Tamim (his role is that of the main protagonist Jasiri) and  Leon Ongaya ( Mbura he plays the role of the main antagonist and is the brother to Jasiri). The other cast include Aisha Mwajumlah (Nimimi) and Selestine Nyagah (Nuru).

To all telenovela fanatics this is definitely one tale that will have you glued to your screens. Catch PETE from Monday to Friday 9.30 pm (EAT) on Maisha Magic East.

Are you already a fun of PETE? Do you already have a favorite cast, let us know your first impressions of the show and what you will expect from  it as the drama unfolds…

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  1. I really like this s{ap though i have to wake up very early for school i just have to wait for it… I love Tamim and this pretty Angel Selestine… I wanna know her social media platforms please

  2. Where can I get the full movie ..,Pete so nice just want to watch it in my laptop because I normally get home late .

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