Knock Out Blessing is an intriguing film that was released later last year on December 28th. The film tells quite a captivating story of a girlĀ  named Blessing whose drive and ambition is to be able to achieve her dreams so that she overcomes poverty. However, in the quest of trying to escape poverty she falls into a path that takes her down the underworld. The criminal activities she falls prey to lead her face to face with the underbelly of the tough political system. Well, you just have to watch the film to see how the plot unfolds.

Checkout the preview below:

The film is written and directed by Dare Olaitan a creative upcoming filmmaker who has made quite an impact in the film industry since his debut. Worth noting is that Dare Olaitan is the founder of Singularity Media Ltd. On this film Dare skillfully depicts his creative touch which can definitely be spotted from the storyline to the production. The producer of the film is Olufemi Ogunswano.

The cast of the film include Ade Laoye, Alvin Abayomi, Tony Akposeri, Ademola Adedoyin, Sammie Eddie, Charles Etubiebi, Linda Ejiofor, Iyke Michael, Sandra Eze, Udoka Uyeka, Paul Utomi, Meg Otanwa, Tope Tedela and Gbenga Titiloye.



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