The film 94 terror is based at a time after the assassination of Rwanda President, Juvenal Habyarimana. The Hutus condemned the Tutsis and invaded their homesteads killing whoever looked Tustsi. Keza’s family was murdered in her sight but she narrowly escaped with the help of her mates; Shema a Hutu, Mutesi a Tutsi and the rest, together they have to sneak through the risky bushes to make it out of Rwanda alive.

The film is directed by the multi award winning Ugandan director, Mulindwa Richard, under his production house Limit Production. Check out the trailer.

The cast includes lots of new and young talent like Agaba Joan popularly Jojo Nitah (Best Actress Uganda Film Festival 2017), Solidad Ketra Ronah (Ninsiima Ronah), Nabbanja Doryn, Mutebi Farooq, Bobby Tamale and many others.

On the other hand cinematography is done by Rwamusigazi Kyakunzire and Rhonnie Nkalubo Abraham.

This film is premieres on 14th December 2018, at Theatre Labonita in Kampala-Uganda. Entrance is 30,000UGX (VIP) and 50,000UGX (VVIP).


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