Jeta Amata

Jeta Amata is a renowned Nigerian Filmmaker. He is known for his outstanding skills as a director, producer and writer. Through his journey, Jeta’s background simply depicts his passion and growth for the film industry as he comes from a family with an eye in the industry. He is related to the popular filmmakers Zack Amata, Fred Amata and Ifoghale Amata. Of course his creativity and distinct nature is well displayed in all his projects. Jeta is popularly known for the films ‘Alexa Affair’, ‘The Amazing Grace’ and ‘Black November’.

His debut in the industry was highly noted when he did a documentary in 2003 for BBC in which he incorporated his film ‘Game of Life’. This indeed was an opener for his film career as the popularity brought to him from the documentary paved way for other projects such as ‘Alexa Affair’ that premiered at Berlin Film Festival among others. Jeta’s success has continued over the years as his zeal in putting out creative and quality projects on the global platform is still a mission.

As a director some of the projects he has worked on include ‘Inale’, ‘Black November’, ‘The Amazing Grace’ and the soon to come ‘The American King’ among others. Some of the Awards he has received  include The Grand Jury Prize for Best Screenplay ‘Black Gold’ at the American Black Film Festival (2011), NAFCA Awards (2015) The African Oscar for Best Film ‘Black November’.


Dolapo Adeleke

For Dolapo Adeleke she believes that is through taking risks that one can be able to know their strength and achieve their set goals. Dolapo Adeleke popularly known as ‘LowlaDee’ is one of the first rising filmmakers in Nigeria. Even though she did not start off with a career in film she did have the passion and motivation to venture into the industry and this is a step that she took by risking to start small on her own.

As a director some of the projects she has worked on include ‘A Simple Letter’, ‘Brave’, ‘You Me Maybe’, A Place Called Happy’ among many other projects. A factor that she attributes to her success in Nollywood which is Nigeria’s film industry is creativeness. Dolapo insists that with great ideas it can be easy to grow in the industry. She continues to excel in the industry as her star continues to shine and we can expect more amazing new projects from her.


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