Nana Obiri Yeboah

Nana Obiri Yeboah is a multi-award winning film director in Ghana. He is famously known for the film ‘The Cursed Ones’ which propelled his film career after it got 13 nominations at Africa Movie Academy Awards. In his film journey Nana has always stayed true to the slogan Never Give Up and over the years he has proved that indeed with hard work and determination we can all achieve our dreams. He has managed to win several film awards due to his remarkable skills and this in turn has gradually made him one of the best film directors in Ghana. Worth noting is that Nana is also an amazing film producer and writer.

As a film director some of the projects he has worked on include ‘The Cursed Ones’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Nana Means King’, ‘Flight by Night’ among others. When it comes to awards Nana has managed bag multiple awards such as Africa Movie Academy Awards (2015) for the category of Best Director for the film ‘The Cursed Ones’, Canada International Film Festival (2016) for the 2016 Award of Excellence Winner for the film ‘The Cursed Ones’ and Screen Nation Film and Television Awards (2016) for the category of Favorite African UK movie for the film ‘The Cursed Ones’ among others. For Nana, he continues working on bringing growth to the film industry not only in Africa but the world at large.


Akosua Adoma Owusu

Akosua Adoma Owusu is a Ghanaian- American film director, cinematographer and producer.  For Adoma, in her film journey she has mastered a unique theme in most of her films which has accorded her an identity in the industry. In most of her projects Adoma has focused more on addressing collisions of identities with reference to the scenario of an African Immigrant based at the United States and having the concept of triple consciousness in place.

Some of the films she has worked on as a director  include ‘On Monday of Last Week’, ‘Mahogany Too’, ‘Kwaku Ananse’, ‘Bus Nut’ ‘Intermittent Delight’, ‘Drexciya’, ‘Boyant’ among others. To show the extent of her excellent work most of Adoma’s films have been screened on the international platforms specifically the festivals such as Toronto, BFI London Film Festival, MOMA, San Francisco International Film Festival, Locarno among others.

Top on her journey Adoma has received several grants including Art Matters Foundation, John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in the Creative Arts among others. With regards to awards and recognition Adoma has received multiple nominations and bagged some awards. Her film Kwanku Ananse won African Movie Academy Award (2013) in the category of Best short film, On Monday of Last Week was nominated for best short film at African Movie Academy Awards and this particular film was also filmed at 25th New York African Film Festival and Fowler Museum in London. Adoma is definitely making an impact in the film industry as she further aims to perfect her craft.

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