The whole idea of starting out a film project may seem easy but that is definitely not the case. Starting out a film requires proper planning and also there is need to ensure that the crew is well motivated. Film crew play an important part in any film production as it is because of the various roles they add to the film that actually bring forth the final product. Having a clear approach of how to tackle every task as a filmmaker should be the first approach followed by ways of how to motivate your film crew. Worth noting is that it is important to understand how the film industry works before setting up to do a film project. There in line with the aspect of film crew here are a few tips that can help to motivate the crew thus leading them to produce their best work in the project.

Try to create a good relationship with the film crew you set to work with. As a filmmaker ensure that you create a conducive and approachable working environment. Your crew should be able to relate with you without feeling intimidated or afraid to do so. Be open with them assure them you are working as a team and hence when an issue arises you will be able to tackle it together. When you create a positive environment with your crew then it becomes easy for you to rely on your crew on every assigned task.

Be organized and respectful. Plan yourself throughout the filming process. Schedule regular meetings with your crew and touch base on where things are at and what needs to be done. When a plan is in place then it becomes much easier to reach the intended goal. Additionally, be respectful, respect is a very crucial aspect as it may affect the performance of your crew. When you are respectful it becomes much easier for your crew to deliver the best work possible.

Ensure that the crew can be able to manage their equipment. It is important to ensure that your crew checks the equipment they have are working properly. As a filmmaker give them the opportunity to test the equipment and confirm that everything is in place. It will be better to have most of the production work handled in house rather than having to seek out post production services due to some miss up.

Trust and Rely on the film crew you set to work with. It is important to have confidence in your crew and this can be achieved by ensuring the first three tips are in place. Once you have achieved the above it will be easier for you to trust that your crew will deliver their best work. In this industry teamwork is the best way to achieve your expectations.



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