When it comes to making a film a lot of aspects need to be considered so as to achieve that desired outcome. From lighting to good audio, location, good costumes and so much more. Of course for a beginner a few mistakes here and there are made and this usually acts as a point of learning moving forward. However, in no particular order  here are 5 important factors that can help new filmmakers to have a good first film:

  • Get your frame and resolution right all through. This is one of the most important aspects, you have to make sure the frame or resolution is the same all through regardless of the standard you use. Worth noting is that the standard for film is usually 24fps.
  • Light.Experiment with your lighting. Lighting gives your film that cinematic feel and it greatly impacts on the quality of the film. So with this is in mind better get that right lighting.
  • Selection of a good location. You should choose a location wisely as various factors may tend to affect the entire shooting process. For instance, noise pollution is a major factor that should be dealt with prior more so if you do not have a way to cope with it while shooting. Therefore, it will be wise to choose a location that has less noise.
  • Use a boom. Sound is also another major aspect while shooting a film. Imagine having a film with good lighting and all but terrible audio. Not good at all? Right? So using a boom will help enhance your sound.
  • Good Costume. Choosing the right costume will help in telling a story the way you intend it to be. Aim to choose appropriate costumes for all scenes.

Making a film is always a learning process one project after the other as the goal should always be to perfect on any setback experienced previously. The above aspects are just but a few that should be taken into consideration by every new filmmaker.

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