Mark Maina

Mark Maina is an award winning Kenyan film editor. He is also a director, screenwriter and cinematographer. Throughout his career in the film industry Mark has committed himself to telling creative stories through the mastery and execution of his skills in all his projects. Recently, Maina scooped the award for The Best Picture Editor for the film ’18 Hours’ at the concluded African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2018 which was held in Lagos, Nigeria. Some of the projects he has worked on as an editor include ’18 Hours’, ‘Home’ and ‘Neophobia’ which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival  under the Creative Minds Shorts. ‘Neophobia’ stars ace actors, Brian Ogola and Joyce Maina.

For Mark Maina he further pursues to excel more in his career and create a lasting mark in the film industry.


Allan Aligula

Allan Aligula is a well-accomplished Editor in Kenya. In his journey he first joined the advertising industry where he was an assistant art director and this move gave him the much-needed exposure on narrative imagery as well as directing. Allan later ventured into the film industry where he enjoys creating and making good stories through his skills across East Africa. As an editor Allan focuses on Tv, Film, Reality and documentary projects. Some of the projects he has worked on as an editor include ‘The Wives’ a drama series, ‘Beneath The Lies’, ‘FIHI’, ‘UNDP Somalia Documentary’ among others. Allan is indeed a team player whose goal is to bring the best story to life in a creative way.


Franki Ashiruka

Franki Ashiruka is among one of the best and accomplished film editors in Kenya. Over the years Franki has worked on multiple projects that have truly shown her creative skills as an editor and also expanded her career across the globe. Top on her achievement, she is the Director and founder of Africa Post Office, a firm focused on providing the best in postproduction services. Some of the projects Franki has worked on as an editor include ‘Disconnect’, ‘Kona’, ‘Changes 3’ and ‘The Last Fight’ among others.


Carole Gikandi Omondi

Carole Gikandi Omondi is an award-winning editor in Kenya. She first bagged her first award at the Kalasha Awards (2010) where she won in the category of ‘Best Editor’. Carole has worked in numerous projects some of which include ‘Watu Wote’ an award winning film in which she worked in the editorial department as an additional editor, ‘Ni Sisi’, ‘Ndoto Za Elibidi’ and ‘Watatu’ among others. Carole’s passion and dedication for the film industry more specific in her field is well depicted in her work and she further aims to achieve more and expand the industry leaving a positive impact.



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