Jim Karutu

James Karutu or as many call him, Jim Karutu, is best known for his prowess as a creative artist in Kenya. His main focus is on visual effects, motion graphics and retouching. Over the years, Jim has worked on numerous TV shows, commercials, music videos, and documentaries across Africa. His creativeness and outstanding skills are well seen in his projects which has definitely steered his 10 year plus career. The Kenyan film industry is surely growing when it comes to the aspects of creative and design work and Jim’s goal has been to take this to a whole new level by keeping up with the growing global trends more so with the digital concepts.

Jim has worked in TV and Film for Multichoice, MTV, BBC Africa, and other outlets on projects which include ‘Disconnect’ movie (visual effects) and the upcoming film, ‘Poacher’ (colorist) among others. In the commercial field Jim has done major projects with top brands such as Safaricom, Airtel, Barclays, KCB, Nivea, Weetabix, among other local and global brands.  Jim’s focus remains on expanding his skills as he further excels in the industry whilst creating a memorable impact on the African content market. We can surely expect more creativeness on display in his upcoming projects.

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Koome Mwirebua

Koome Mwirebua is a TV and Film creative artist in Kenya. He specializes in visual effects, color/grade and design. Koome is known to give his utmost best in all his assigned projects and as a result he has managed to secure opportunities with top brands. He began his profession in Malaysia interning at 3 different post production companies after which he was invited to start a post house which he worked and helped run for some years.

Koome has received recognition and awards which have seen him scale up greater heights in pursuit of achieving his dreams. Having worked with big production companies, Koome decided to challenge himself by becoming a freelance creative artist and this has seen him work on various projects around the world.

Some of the Film and TV projects he has worked on include ‘Disconnect’ movie (visual effects), ‘Is This Real’ (visual effects), ‘Poacher’ (visual effects) and ‘Sue na Johnnie’ (Colorist) among others. He has also done projects for brands such as Duracoat, Safaricom, Nivea, Kenya Tourism Board, Telkom among others. Koome continues to shine in his career as he focuses on making a positive impact in the Film industry.

Koome’s specialities are in Visual Effects Artist/Supervisor, D.I.T supervisor, Color/Grade, Design.

About Keyframe

Koome Mwirebua and James Karutu (popularly known as Jim Karutu) came together and began Keyframe, A creative post production hub in Nairobi, brimming with the latest technology, and a versatile team with constantly evolving skill sets; from onset Visual Effects supervision, to beauty and finishing, we bring your vision to life, wherever its destination.

Our Mission

We build a unique approach to each project. From pre-production, on set to post, we assist clients to understand and visualize their ideas and concepts driven by creative talent, backed by the latest technology.

Our Vision

We look to be trend setters in a broad range of in house creative and production solutions including concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D/CG effects, animation, motion design, software development, mixed reality and experiential production, live action production and colour grading, across Africa.

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