Fredrick Kariuki

Fredrick Kariuki is among one of the few best special effects makeup artists in Kenya. He is making waves both in the film and beauty industry. Through his journey, Fredrick recalls how he first drew interest in the hairdressing field and as a result he did a course that ensured he had the needed skills. Along with that, he was able to learn more about makeup and alternatively he drew more interest in that field as well.

His first TV project as a makeup artist was with KBC where he was an intern. His work was so impressive that they hired him on a full-time basis and so him work for 2 years. Later on, Fredrick got the opportunity to work for a local production company as a special effects makeup artist for ‘Lies that Bind’ a Spielworks Tv Production.

For Fredrick, his breakthrough came when he got the opportunity to work with Zamaradi Productions which is one of the top leading production companies in Kenya. This was between 2014-2015 in which he managed to work in over 50 movies, as the special effects makeup artists for Zamaradi. Some other projects Fredrick has worked on include Sense 8 – a Netflix Series. Fredrick is truly making a name for himself both in the film and beauty industry as he aims to further excel.

Below is one of his works:

Halloween Look on Victoria Rubadiri


Grace Murema

Grace Murema is also one of the top Special Effects makeup artists in Kenya. Being a field that is yet to fully gain ground in Kenya, Grace has managed to bring her creativeness and skills towards the expansion of the art. For Grace, her journey begun right when she knew she had a passion for makeup and in turn after High School she enrolled for a full beauty course. Over the years since 2011 Grace has managed to work as a beauty consultant in various cosmetic companies and later she became a freelance makeup artist.

Grace decided to focus on the special effects makeup as it is a field that is still new in Kenya’s film industry. She went to South Africa to do a course on it and after graduating she came back to Kenya to fully display her acquired skills.

One of the projects she has worked on is ‘48 Hours Film Project’ a global project for creatives who showcase their skills within 48 hours. Recently, she worked on a photography project called ‘Black Panther’ an exclusive art piece, commissioned by Marvel, alongside famous photographer Osborne Macharia. Grace aims to concur the film industry as she roots for the adoption and expansion of special effects makeup.

Below are some of her works:

Photos Courtesy of @grycelle


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