Mariam Ismail

Mariam Ismail is a Tanzanian actress known for her excellent and unique display of character in all her performances. She is indeed one of the most remarkable and capable actresses in Tanzania. Mariam first came into the limelight when she starred in the film ‘Best Man’ which was produced by 5 Effect under William Mtitu. The film was a hit across the country and this was definitely her breakthrough role as her talent and skills as an actor was well portrayed. Many opportunities rose from the role and this was a major boost to her acting career.

Some of the film projects Mariam has worked on include ‘Apple’, ‘Mr Kadamanja’, ‘The Identical’, ‘Money Talk’ among others. Mariam continues to shine in her acting as she tops the popular actors list in Tanzania based on her passion and skills. For her she supports development in the film industry and aims to expand her acting career.


Jennifer Kyaka Odama

Jennifer Kyaka Odama is with no doubt an outstanding woman based on all the titles she holds. She is an actress, film producer, writer and director. Jennifer first came into the film industry as an actress but over the years she also ventured into other film roles. Her acting career started way back in 2005 and since then she has managed to take part in several bongo movies. In deed she has become a queen in swahiliwood. Her execution of all her roles has been marvelous and one cannot miss to see her creative and top notch acting skills. As an actor, some of the movie projects she has starred in include ‘Zebra’, ‘Witchdoctor’ and ‘Painkiller’ among others.

Top on her achievement, Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of J-Film, a film production company in Tanzania which she started back in 2010. For Jennifer, she is committed to ensuring that the film industry in Tanzania flourishes to make an impact both locally and internationally.


Mohamed Mwikongi


Mohamed Mwikongi famously known as Frank based on his role in ‘Tufani’ is a well known Tanzanian actor. He has played a significant role in putting Tanzanian film industry out there with his diverse and creative skills as an actor.

Some of the film projects he has starred in include ‘Real Promise’, ‘Fiona’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Swadakta’, ‘Endless Love’, ‘Girl Next Door’, ‘Dear Mama’, ‘Behind the Scenes’ among others. Mohamed strives to propel his career much further.




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