Damarise Ndamo


Damarise Ndamo is one of the top rising stars in Cameroon. She is a talented actress who is steadily making an impact in Cameroon’s film industry. Having started her career three years ago Damarise has featured in about 8 movies. Her debut was in the Tv Series ‘Rumble’  where she was a supporting actress and she later featured in ‘Samba’ another Tv Series. Her exceptional performance in both series has seen her get more roles in both film and Tv projects. Some of the films she has featured in include ‘Ward Zee’, ‘Apple for Two’, ‘Amanda Cross’ among others. For Damarise her star continues to shine and she is definitely one to watch out for.


Ngato Brian

As an actor in Cameroon Ngato has definitely shown that he has the skills and potential to impact the film industry. Ngato is known for his dedication in doing the best of what is expected from him in his roles. He has featured in films such as ‘Take Me to Mama’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Winds’, ‘Cracks’ among others. Ngato is definitely an actor to watch out for. Additionally, Ngato is expanding his reach in the film industry by venturing into production and on this his determination has seen him produce his first film ‘Married Singles’.


Fonguh Claudia

Fonguh Claudia is also one of the first rising actresses in Cameroon. She is known for her zeal and passion in executing all her roles. Her journey into the film industry has seen her feature in a number of film and Tv projects. Some of the film and Tv projects she has featured in include ‘Return of the Beast’, ‘Tinted Roses’, ‘Winds’, ‘Treasure’ among others. As an actress Fonguh is focused, determined and known by many to know what she wants aspects that have given light to her journey to success. She continues to rise and we can expect more exceptional performances from her as an actress.

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