Eric Kabera

Eric Kabera is a film pioneer in Rwanda’s film industry. He is a notable award winning film producer and director. He is also the founder of Rwanda Film Institute as well as the chairman of Rwanda Film Festival. Eric’s interest in the film industry saw him explore and aim to grow the film industry in Rwanda. At the time when there was no form of local growth in terms of the films being put out in Rwanda and about Rwanda Eric took up the initiative to grow his passion and expand on the untapped industry.

For Eric his journey into the industry was not about fame for him he asserts that film is indeed a powerful tool that can be used to tell a story. In line with  this we all remember the brutal and sad genocide that happened in Rwanda and many films such as Hotel Rwanda were put across by international producers. Eric became the first film producer in Rwanda to produce an internationally acclaimed film ‘100 Days’ which revolved around the genocide where he and and many others lost their loved ones.

Some more projects that Eric has produced include ‘Intore’, ‘Inkotanyi’, ‘Keepers of Memory’, ‘Africa United’. ‘The Graduation Day’. ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ among others.


Gilbert Ndahayo

Gilbert Ndahayo is an award winning film producer in Rwanda. He became the first Rwandese to be nominated for an award at the African Movie Academy Awards and also at Zanzibar International Film Festival. His journey in the industry saw him take up an MFA Film Directing Program at the Columbia University. He later went on to fully venture into the industry.

Gilbert’s debut short film ‘Scars of My Days’ made an impact internationally as it premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and it also aired on French Television. Gilbert’s documentary ‘Behind The Convent’, saw him receive an award for Best African Film at the Zanzibar International Film Festival in 2008. The film also got to feature in European Film Festivals.

Some more projects Gilbert has worked on include ‘Behind the Deadly Pit’, ‘The Height of Life’, ‘The Rwandan Night’, ‘The Blood of the Chosen’, ‘Sidiki’ among others.



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