Kenya’s film production industry boasts of full modern range equipment for production and post-production needs as well as a team of skilled technicians and crew. The industry has invested considerably in keeping the facilities up-to-date with the latest in film and television technology resulting in more foreign as well as domestic producers choosing to complete productions in Kenya.  With the increase of foreign productions taking place in Kenya, the local production industry is staying competitive with international production standards by investing in the latest technology, training and development.

Below is a list of some production companies in Kenya;

Zamaradi Productions

Zamaradi Productions is a media enterprise which is fully dedicated in becoming a major leader in the generation of high quality creative content across Africa. It also focuses on having a multi-platform distribution to its global audience with regards.

Within the last 3 years, Zamaradi Productions has managed to produce about 71 films and 9 TV shows. The achievement on this has been through a business model that is focused on innovating around content through value added partnerships that enhance potential for significant returns. The production house boasts of multi-skilled innovative and experienced core team.

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Al Is On Production

Al Is On is one of the leading and award winning film production companies in Kenya with over thirteen years’ experience. The company uses modern day tools to steer up behaviour change, entertainment, advertising and training. Offering a full studio experience, it is the brains behind successful Kenyan TV series like Mali, Siri and MTV’s Shuga.

With the never-ending request for top of the range, up to date equipment that the service industry demands, the production house has ensured that it works with local and international rental houses that are equipped on an on-going basis to meet and maintain high quality standards. The result is evident in the high level of production work they have engaged in.

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Dreamcatcher Productions

Dreamcatcher Productions is a well incorporated and broad-based production company. It is known to be a regional leader in the creation, production and post-production of all forms of audio visual content.

Its Founders boast over two decades of experience in every aspect of filmmaking, as well as work ethic that is fitting of their name. They do what it takes to get the job done right, on time and on budget and most importantly will deliver to the very highest quality.

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Big Ideas Production


Big Ideas ltd was formed in 2003 by a versatile team of young documentary and film professionals with an aim to provide solutions to audio-visual media needs by fostering new trends through combing effectiveness and creativity in communication.

Big Ideas, has a team of vastly experienced staff members ranging from scriptwriters, directors, onsite filming crews, post production editors and video graphic designers. This team of professionals is the reason the company possesses the ability to offer creative production solutions.

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