Phoebe Ruguru

Phoebe Ruguru’s passion and fascination for film and theater saw her focus on the film industry from a very tender age. She recalls being very active in participation in the drama club while she was in school. Currently, Phoebe is a film producer in Kenya but partly operates between Kenya and the UK. As a young achiever her breakout came through when she became the first Kenyan to win an international award in 2014 at the Unchosen Modern Day Slavery Competition which was held in London. Her film ‘Saidia’ won in the category of ‘The Best Young Filmmaker’. The short film Saidia revolved around a case study of human trafficking. What’s even more interesting is that the award winning low budget film was shot purely by an iphone 4s. Phoebe’s early achievement motivated her to explore her skills more and also work towards making a memorable mark in the film industry.

As a producer her current projects include the famous film ’18 Hours’ based on a true life story. She produced the film alongside her colleagues and friends Bill Jones Afwani and Njue Kevin. Phoebe also produced the film ‘Deranged’ which is an award winning Nigerian short film that revolves around a wife and mother who has to do all it takes to escape the chains that are trapping her. It is clearly evident that Phoebe is scaling up the ranks as she continues to explore and expand her skills on the global platform.


Bill Jones Afwani

Bill Jones Afwani is an award winning film producer and director in Kenya. His journey in the film industry begun at the University where he was able to explore and exhibit his filmmaking skills. Alongside his colleagues Bill Jones was able to take part in projects that saw him gain international recognition. A film he worked on ‘Sticking Ribbons’ together with his colleague and friend Njue Kevin won at the Zanzibar International Film Festival awards in 2014 for the category of ‘Best East African Talent’.

As a producer Bill Jones has produced films such as ’18 Hours’, ‘Plastic Maasai’ and ‘Intellectual Scum’ among others. To add to his achievements Bill Jones together with his friend Njue Kevin run a production company ‘Rocque Pictures’. The production company is behind the production of the film ’18 Hours’ among others. He looks forwards to working on more great projects and he is definitely a film producer to watch out for.

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