Peter Gudo

Peter Gudo is a young achiever known for his great success in Mozambique’s film industry. At just 24 years of age Gudo is an award winning producer, actor and also the founder and CEO of ‘Nigma Pictures’ which is a film production company in Mozambique.

Gudo attributes his current success to utmost determination and hard work which has seen him scale up in his career. Of course everyone has a story on how they rose to  success and for Gudo his is a brave and remarkable journey. His journey at one point saw him sell rolls of bread at his home village just to make ends meet and also to get money to facilitate his dream of becoming an executive producer. This has definitely come to pass as he moved to Maputo and worked his way to become the most sought after executive producer in Mozambique.

As a producer Gudo has had success both locally and also internationally. Some of his projects are: Homem Campeao,Lucky Specials, Mutola, ‘One Man Kann’ a reality show in Mozambique which featured celebrity Riaan Manser. He was the consulting producer on CNN’s Inside Africa Program, Gudo also produced ‘The Trafficers’ a series by Lightbox Entertainment. These are just a few of the projects that Gudo has produced. Gudo continues to work towards expanding his filmmaking skills across the globe.

Rogerio Manjate

Rogerio Manjate is a star in Mozambique’s film industry. He is a professional producer, actor, director and writer. Manjate has achieved remarkable success in all his roles as depicted by the awards accorded to him. He has won awards as a producer and a writer. In 2008 his short film ‘I Love You’ won the Best Short Film  at Durban International Film Festival Award and in 2002 he won best short story for  À Imagem e Semelhança’  at the Guimarães Rosa/RFI in Paris.

As a film producer Manjate has produced numerous outstanding films such as ‘I Love You’ and ‘My Husband’s Denial’ among others.  Manjate is also the founder and director of Galagalazul a theatre company in Mozambique. Manjate’s stars continues to shine.

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  1. The sky or should I say the stars are your limit Peter! Tremendous achievements r living proof that with total commitment, inovation, creativity & hard work, results can only b positive. God Bless U & family abundently! It is a priviledge to know u. Grande abrç

  2. Cant wait to start working on serious things that will help Me improve myself to the world

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