Nana Kagga

Nana Kagga or (Nana Hill) as she is popularly known in Hollywood is a well known and accomplished woman who wears many hats. She is a prominent engineer in Uganda, a film producer, scriptwriter, motivational speaker and an actress. Nana has proven her expertise in all the titles she holds and as a result her success is well depicted in her projects.

In the course of pursuing her engineering career which has seen her travel all around the world, Nana managed to also pursue her film career while in the United States. She got the opportunity to move to Los Angeles where she was able to steer up her acting and presenting skills. Nana managed to be a cast in numerous films such as ‘He’s Just Not Into You’, ‘A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy’, ‘Butterflies of Uganda’ and ‘Cowboys and Indians among others. Worth noting is that Nana has also appeared in TV Ads for brands such as KFC, Pepsi Apple and Dove among others.

Nana Hill on ‘His Just Not Into You’

As a well known producer in Uganda Nana has achieved great success and over the years improved on her skills. In 2012 ,Nana and her sister Meme Kagga decided to open a Content Production Company ‘Savannah Moon’ in Uganda. This move steered Nana’s presence and success in Uganda’s film industry. She went on to produce a feature film ‘The Life’ that was shown on MNET and also TV Series Beneath the Lies and ‘How We Sit’ among others. She continues to exhibit prowess as a producer and also in various fields. In deed Nana is a force to reckon with in Uganda’s film industry and definitely the world at large.

Usama Mukwaya

Usama Mukwaya is an award winning producer, scriptwriter, director and actor in Uganda. His notably one of the best scriptwriters in Africa. His journey in the film industry begun way back as he started his writing at an early age. Usama first joined the film industry as a scriptwriter and actor. His first role was under Dan Kiggundu’s Maryland Productions.

As an actor and scriptwriter his breakout role was based on the TV Series ‘Pain of Lies’. The positive response drawn from the TV Series made him strive to excel higher in the film industry. Usama later joined Mariam Ndagire Film and Performing Arts Center and this is where he got the opportunity to work on ‘Hello’ his award winning film which won best film in 2010 at the MNFPAC. He also won the Best Director for the film ‘In Just Hours’.

As a producer Usama has managed to produce both TV and film projects such as ‘Bala Bala Sese’, ‘Rehema’, ‘Tiktok’ and ‘Love Faces’. Being a young achiever Usama’s passion in the film industry has seen him achieve great success and he is definitely a star to watch out for.

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