Over the past few years women have started dominating the film industry and leaving a memorable mark. It goes without saying that indeed women have had to go an extra mile to assert their roles and achievement in a world that has taken time to conform and pave way for acceptance of women as leaders without being bias. We focus on three outstanding women in South Africa who have redefined the film industry based on their respective roles.

Gaopie Kabe

Gaopie Kabe is a talented cinematographer in South Africa. She is greatly known for her creativity, determination and diverse nature when it comes to executing her role. Kabe’s passion for the film industry begun way back in high school and having researched and established what the industry entailed she grew a liking and a special interest. This in turn made her to switch her career interest from engineering to arts. Today, it is a decision that she has no regrets undertaking as she excels in the industry. As a cinematographer Kabe attributes her success to her persistence and determination in scaling high for her dream.

Some of the projects she has worked on include TV Series Thula’s Vine, Lockdown and also some of the short films that were released for National Film and Video Foundation Female Filmmakers project done in 2015.

Of course it has not been a walk in the park since her inception into the film industry in 2004. Kabe has faced a lot of criticisms from people who claim that she is in the wrong field trying to do a man’s job. However, for Kabe cinematography is her life and she opted to shun all the negative energy, a move that has seen her achieve great milestones in her career.


Bongiwe Selane

Bongiwe Selane  is an award winning producer with multiple credits to her name. Having produced over 30 short films and a feature film Selane has made an impact on South Africa’s film industry. Some of her achievements in the industry include winning an award in 2013 SAFTA in the category of best short film and reality show The Witch and Unomalanga and winning Best South African Short Film in DIFF 2015.

As a producer some of her biggest credits include ‘Great Africans’ a documentary series for the African Magic Entertainment Broadcast and ‘New Directions’ which was an MNET initiative for skills development among others.

Selane believes that South Africa’s film industry has a great potential on making a significant impact on the economy. She continues to explore the industry and bring forth its great impact to the society.


Terry Pheto

Terry Pheto is an accomplished actress in South Africa. Her rise to fame was propelled by her role Miriam in the Oscar Award winning film Tsotsi which won in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. This was indeed her breakout role. Terry has featured in many great films and some of her achievements as an actress is when she won the Best Actress in the Africa Movie Academy Award for the film ‘How to Steal 2 Million’ and also when she won an award at the UK National Film Awards for her role in ‘United Kingdom.

Terry is also greatly known as the first face to feature in L’Oréal from South Africa and also the first South African actress to play the famous role of Winnie Mandela in the mini-series ‘Madiba’. She continues to shine as she focuses on growing her presence in the film industry.

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