Emem Isong

Emem Isong is an award winning producer, screen writer and director in Nollywood. Her passion for the film industry begun way back and as a result she studied Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar where she was awarded her Degree. She later went ahead to venture into filmmaking and this was quite a brave move as it saw her leave her banking job to start on an industry that was yet to gain ground in Nigeria.

In 1994 Emem boldly set up Theatre Images which was her own production company. This definitely was a move that cemented her breakthrough in Nigeria’s film industry. As a producer she has produced award winning movies such as ‘A Minute to Midnight’, ‘Breaking Point’, ‘Emotional’, ‘Crack’, ‘Private Sin’, ‘Critical Decision’, ‘The Wrong Woman’, Reloaded among others.

To top her achievement in the industry Emem set up a media school Royal Arts Academy based in Surulere. The media school has done an amazing job in empowering youths with a passion and talent on how to act, edit and write scripts. The academy also has a production department which has gone to produce award winning movies such as ‘Kiss & Tell’, ‘Weekend Getaway’, ‘Lagos Cougars’, ‘Champagne’ among others.


Fidelis Duker

Fidelis Duker has been in the film industry for a long time. Known as an outstanding pioneer with remarkable credits to his titles he attributes his success as a film producer by stating that experience is indeed the best teacher. As a producer Duker is innovative, experienced and creative. Not only is he among the best film producers in Nigeria but he has also created various platforms to nurture talent in the film industry across the continent.

Duker’s knack in film making led him to start the Abuja International Film Festival a platform that has brought together filmmakers on an international level. Worth noting is that prior to his role as a producer Duker did a couple of Tv Dramas and was also a script writer.  Some of the award winning films Duker has produced include ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Girls Next Door’, ‘Eldorado’, ‘Scandals’, ‘Hot Passion’, ‘Senseless’, ‘Doctor’s Death’, ‘London Blues’, ‘Not My Will’ among others.


Tchidi Chikere

As a multiple award winning producer, director, script writer and musician in Nigeria, Tchidi Chikere definitely deserves some accolades. Right after completion of his studies at the University of Calabar for a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts Tchidi Chikere joined Nigeria’s film industry as a writer, actor and director. Having experienced the feel in the industry Tchidi decided to venture into production as a way to explore his creative nature and also share his production skills. His passion for the industry has seen him unleash his film writing, directing and production skills which have made him popular in this art. Tchidi has continually exhibited his prowess as a leading producer, actor and director in Nigeria. He currently has over 60 movies on his credits and has won several awards for some.

Some of the movies Tchidi has produced include Paradise, Standing Alone, Nights of Riot and Crime planner among others.


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