Over the years, Tanzania’s movie industry has continually improved and is now coming up with a lot of great films. The industry has got what it takes to make its mark in the international film industry in quality, talent, and overall production value. Here are some throwback films from Bongo that can’t go unmentioned:

Maangamizi: The Ancient One

The movie was directed by Ron Mulvihill and Martin Mhando. It revolves around an American woman doctor who comes to work at a hospital for the mentally disturbed in Tanzania. Accompanying her is her Tanzanian lover. In the hospital where she is assigned she meets a catatonic patient, Samehe, who is drawn to another reality with regards to his communication. Amidst their confrontation with their collective and individual pasts, Dr Asira and Samehe are constrained by fears as well as half remembered images of some type of unbearable pain. The spirit of Maangamizi is the only way that  the women can be able to resume their lives with a clear understanding of the ancestors as well as their eternal presence in a world of death, hatred and cruelty.

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This movie was written and directed by Josiah Kibira. It is a 1 hour and 45 minute film that features an illegal immigrant from Tanzania who finds himself, trying to maintain a relationship while struggling to have steady work hours and keeping himself from getting deported.

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To start with the name of the film was chosen in memory of the famous classic Hollywood movie “Hatari”, and parts were filmed in the immediate surrounding areas.

It was filmed on location in Tanganyika.The film includes dramatic wildlife chases and the magnificent backdrop scenery of Mount Meru, a dormant volcano. The final chase through town was filmed in Arusha, Tanzania.


The movie was directed by Amri Bawji. Three friends who are as close as ever always have an insight on what is going on in each other’s lives. Uledi, unlike Amani and George, tends to find himself diverging from the others in the spiritual aspect of his life. Breaking the bonds from religious parameters, Uledi finds himself to be non-committal to relationships causing self-destruction in his life.

Fungu La Kukosa

This movie was directed by Mussa Banzi. Rita a new mother moves to the city in order to look for Kabwe, the father of her child. When Rita is rejected by Kabwe she finds herself in the battle of whether or not to throw away her baby, but instead she doesn’t give in and is taken in by a drunk by the name of Dimoso. After Rita is taken in by Dimoso she finds herself living a scandalous lifestyle with injury, affairs, and madness.

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