African Film Directors: South African Film Directors Thishiwe Ziqubu and Lebogang Lasethaba

Thishiwe Ziqubu 

Thishiwe Ziqubu is a female South African film director. She made her debut in the African film industry as an actress in 2011 on the South African film ‘Man on Ground’. She has also starred in other notable films like ‘Hard To Get’, ‘While You Weren’t Looking’ and ‘Tell Me Sweet Something’ for which she won an award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2016 Africa Movie Academy Awards. Thishiwe took a course in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy before going back to South Africa to pursue her filmmaking career. 

Thishiwe made her directing debut when she was still a Scriptwriting and directing student at the Johannesburg Film School. Her first short film after film school, ‘Between The Lines’, about a broken-hearted lover seeking healing, premiered at the Durban International Film Festival in 2011. This was followed by ‘Subdued’, a short film she directed for the 48-hour Film project in 2011.

Her most recent film is a 24-minute short film, ‘Sina Makotshana’, about dance, sexuality and dance. Thishiwe is an upcoming film director and through her production company Ngonyan Kapital, endeavours to direct compelling narratives.

Follow the link below to watch her short film ‘Between The Lines’.

Between The Lines



Lebogang Lasethaba 

Lebogang Lasethaba is a South African filmmaker who was born in South Africa and later went to China for his Master’s degree in Film. Apart from directing films, Lebogang is a famous figure in the South African advertisement industry for directing award-winning adverts for international brands like Nike and Adidas. He is also known for directing music videos. One of his biggest achievement as a music director was when one a music video, ‘In the castle of my skin’, that he directed for the British band ‘Sons of Kemet’ was featured at TED Global in 2017.

Lebogang is renowned for creating thought provoking works with cultural relevance. He has been described as a director whose work resonates with the audience. His filmography work is mainly on documentaries. He has made several documentaries including ‘Prisoner 47674: The Untold Legacy of Andrew Mlangeni, a documentary about political activist and anti-apartheid campaigner, Andrew Mlangeni, ‘Future Sound of Mzansi’, a documentary by South African artist, Spoek Mathambo, that explores and interrogates the creative scene in South Africa, ‘ The People Versus The Rainbow Nation’, a documentary that explores what it means to be a young person in the deeply unequal South Africa (inspired by a nationwide demonstration in South Africa by University students seeking to decolonise higher learning institutions), and his latest documentary (2017) ‘The People Versus Patriarchy’, about patriarchy and its hold on South Africans.

Lebogang’s other notable work as a director is the ‘Brothers For Life’ commercial which  mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address Gender-Based Violence in their communities. The commercial was positively received and commended for its message and humorous approach.

“There is this intensely creative, unapologetically young and curious energy in South Africa that I sense and subscribe to; it’s really infectious and I point my camera in that direction.” – Lebogang Lasethaba


To laud the great contribution by African film directors, Film Link Africa will be highlighting film directors from around the world in a series we are calling; African Film Directors.  

In this series, we will list African Film Directors in no particular order. This series is not about comparison. It’s not about who has made more films or won more awards. It is about celebrating African Film Directors by highlighting their work and contribution to the African film industry, irrespective of their age, race, number of films and/or awards.

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