African film is progressively growing into a new era. As a result film has become one of the most influential and an accessible medium of transnational integration. To be precise, there specific films that have managed not only to entertain but to also educate, transcend borders, enhance and sustain relationships.Most of the current production companies as well as funding agencies are behind some of the recent African films are also of multi-national origins.

The transnational integration has been depicted by a number of co-production treaties signed between Africa and other countries. This is also evident in the content of numerous films, revealing a continent that is engaging with other people and places across the globe, from East to West.

African film industry has made it possible for Africans to view films made by fellow Africans on a huge scale for the first time. These films have brought about engagement, culture interaction, trade as well as other economic engagements. To date, this has not changed and has led to several other African countries, e.g., Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa, getting involved in this kind of film production.

You can find majority of the African films  online through site such as M-Net’s African Film Library,, and various other sites. There has, however, been a recent surge in African digital television offerings on the continent and beyond, such as DSTV, Zuku TV, Buni TV and the Africa Channel, and if the programming of such digital television is strong, then there will be much to watch and celebrate in the future. The films currently coming out of Africa also reveal transnational themes, showing that the world really is interlinked.

As a part of the world changes it’s perception of Africa as a bounded and unchanging continent, recent African films and the rise of transnational integration in African filmmaking give a very different picture; one of a complex, dynamic, globally-connected continent on the move. The future of African film is becoming more customised, with quality being a key aspect, authenticity becomes even more pronounced, especially as the forms and the demand for content grows. The more content that travels across the continent and globally, the more a concerted approach is required.


Photo from Actress Adeline Wairimu Profile

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