Nigeria’s film industry, commonly known as Nollywood is a true reflection of a cultural phenomenon across Africa. Nigeria is known to be one of the continent’s largest economy mainly due to the success and growth of the film industry. Nollywood movies have in the recent past gained a positive popularity outside the country and are true expression of entrepreneurialism and the nation’s self-perception.

Through Nollywood Nigerians have managed to export who they are, their culture as well as their lifestyle. A lot of people in different countries can now imitate the Nigerian accent thanks to Nollywood .The film industry in Nigeria generates about 2,500 movies a year, making it the second-biggest producer after Bollywood in India.

The Nollywood film industry is not just about entertainment; it employs more than a million people in Nigeria. The spread of digital technology has been identified as a growth driver for the film industry and will continue to play that role as domestic and foreign consumption continue to rise. The growth of the digital platform has greatly contributed to the production boom.

Nollywood films have a large following in Africa and among the African diaspora; it resonates across Africa with its stories of a pre-colonial past and of a present caught between village life and urban modernity. The Nigerian movies tend to explore various factors  such as the tensions that can be depicted between urban life and the village, extended families and an individual and as well as tensions between traditional beliefs and Christianity. Nollywood has also created a model for movie production in other African nations and has managed in reconciling ancient ways infringed in their culture and modernity.

As Nollywood grows, consumers’ expectations are likely to change, and current practices and pricing and delivery methods may need review.  The need for home grown content remains crucial to the development of the industry.

Nollywood has put Nigeria in a positive light by placing it on the world map. There are lots of reasons for the industry’s success in Africa, but most importantly, it is the acceptance and recognition; it’s definitely an industry to reckon with.


Image from The King And The Palace Movie


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