Kenyan film Kati Kati has been nominated at the 18th Annual Black Reel Awards in the category of Best Foreign Feature Film. Directed by Mbithi Masya, the feature film was nominated for this category alongside ‘Felicite’ a French film and the South African Film ‘The Wound’. Kati Kati tells the story of a young woman, Kaleche (played by Nyokabi Gethaiga) with no memory of her life after death. She is helped with assimilation to the afterlife by a ghost (Elsaphan Njora).

Since its release in 2016, Kati Kati has won several awards including the International Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film, written by Mbithi Masya and Mugambi Nthiga features Kenyan actors Nyokabi Gethaiga, Elsaphan Njora, Brian Ogola, Paul Ogola and Mumbi Maina among others.

The Black Reel Awards or “BRAs” is an annual American awards ceremony hosted by the Foundation of the Augmentation of African Americans in film (FAAAF) to recognize excellence of African-American films as well as those of African descent in feature, independent and television films.
In 2017, “Eye of the Storm” a film from Burkina Faso won the award for Best Foreign Feature Film. We hope that this year Kati Kati will bring this award home.
Congratulations to the Kati Kati Cast and Crew on the nomination.

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