From L to R; Brian Ogola, Susan Wanjiru & Nick Ndeda at the 18 Hours premiere
It was a glitz and glamour affair at Prestige Cinema where the long-awaited Kenyan movie 18 Hours premiered. The movie, inspired by the true story of the late Alex Madaga premiered worldwide on Friday in an event that was attended by major players in the film industry. In attendance were 18 Hours writer and director Njue Kevin, the executive producer Phoebe Ruguru, Co-producer Brenda Wairimu who also makes a cameo in the movie and the film’s three lead actors, Nick Ndeda, Susan Wanjiru and Brian Ogola among other guests.
18 Hours movie tells the story of a rookie paramedic, Brian who tries all he can to save the life of a road accident victim. He moves from hospital to hospital seeking admission for the victim who requires intensive care services. A vacant bed is finally found after 18 Hours but unfortunately, the victim succumbs to injuries. According to Njue Kevin, Alex Madaga’s story inspired him to make the film in the hope that it would help effect change in the Kenyan Emergency Health Care sector.

Speaking at the premiere, Njue said that Alex Madaga’s story saddened him after reading it in one of the dailies. He felt a responsibility as a Kenyan to do something.
“After reading the article (Alex Madaga’s story) I asked myself, what can I do as a Kenyan to change this. It took us 2 years (to make the film) and today we are here for the world premiere”, said Njue.
Phoebe Ruguru, Brian Ogola and Njue Kevin
800m World Championship David Rudisha and the Danish Ambassador to Kenya also graced the event. Earlier on, David Rudisha arrived at the event in an ambulance pretending to be injured in a stunt to promote the movie which was aired live on NTV.
18 Hours Film is now available in cinemas countrywide and you can watch it in the theatres below;
Tickets are available at the venue or in advance on Kenyabuzz.
Note: Corporate Bookings are also available. Book to watch the film with your organisation or school for an intimate experience. Email to register interest.

Prestige Cinema:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 12.20pm, 2.00pm, 3.40pm, 5.20pm, 9.00pm

Wednesday: 12.20pm, 2.00pm, 3.40pm, 9.00pm

Westgate Cinema: 

Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday: 11.50am, 3.00pm. 4.30pm, 6.00pm & 7.30pm

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