Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based DISCOP, in Partnership with ONGEA! Africa (a Social Enterprise of Nairobi-based PHAT! Music & Entertainment Limited), announced the Launch of a new Sidebar Programme, which will commence in DISCOP Abidjan in 2018.
DISCORE, is a Programme that will specifically target the Music Industry across Africa, with a focus on
Music Production & Supervision for Film, Television, Advertising, Gaming and Online, in terms of
Licensing, Synchronisation and all the related implications.
DISCORE will provide a unique Opportunity to learn from the Professionals and build relationships with
international Music Supervisors, as well as with the Producers of Film, Television, Advertising, Gaming &
Online content, who are Seeking original Songs and Scores that can accompany Entertainment Content
destined for Global Audiences.
The Programme will Launch at DISCOP Johannesburg, taking place from this Wednesday 25th til Friday 27th
October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre, with a Panel Discussion featuring a host of Experts.
The Panel will be Moderated by Mike Strano, the Founding Director of PHAT! Music & Entertainment in
Nairobi – Kenya. Originally from Australia, Mike has been in the African Music Industry for 18 Years, and is
also the Founder of ONGEA! Africa – a Social Enterprise helping to Develop an Industry that is more
Professional, Transparent & Profitable for All.
Joining him will be South African experts, including: David Alexander – the Managing Director of Sheer
Publishing Africa, Composer & Producer – Kurt Slabbert, Tech & Digital Content Expert – Michael Balking from Content Bar and Marc Algranti of Pulse Music – an artist-owned-and-operated Music Production house, with Offices in Chelsea, New York and Cape Town.
International experts joining the Panel, include: Andrea da Silva – who Heads the US Department of Commerce’s Global Team on Media & Entertainment, Todd Brown from Canada – Head of International
Acquisitions at XYZ Films and Enyi Omeruah who is a Music Supervisor for Film & Television in Nigeria.

FRI 27 OCT | 03:00 – 04:30 PM | PANEL DISCUSSION | THE SOUND OF MUSIC | Music is a significant part of
any Television show or Film. Production companies, who produce these Audio-Visual Works, sometimes
hire a Composer to Write the Music, or an Artist to Reproduce a previously existing Song, or seek the
Music Rights to use an existing Recording. This session will expressly look at the Role that Africa’s
reservoir of musical Talent can play in the fast-evolving, cross-border, Film, Television & Digital Content production global ecosystem.

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